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Joshua Lesk, Sat, Nov 4, 2017, 7:05pm

Hello.I'm writing to share my support and admiration for your courageous protests.Obviously we all deserve to live in peace, safety and prosperity, and I salute you for your work to make your city safe for your community.  I agree with what I read of your words,that an economic message is the only message some people will heed in order to do right. I'm in Toronto, just read about your campaign, and wanted to offer my love and support.May the Light guide you to work lovingly to create the kingdom of heaven on earth. May you all be safe and happy. Joshua

Mark, Mon, Sep 18, 2017, 7:27am

Dear Pastor, as a fellow believer, I find myself puzzled about how I should feel or respond to certain events that happen in the public square. I'm constantly challenged to see what Jesus would say or do. I certainly do not have your experiences of being a man of color, living in the inner city. I'm probably quite the opposite. However, I assume my love for the Savior is the same as yours. So even though we come from very different backgrounds and experiences, our common belief should overcome any surface differences. I would love to have a private dialogue with you concerning the current protests over the Stockley verdict. Perhaps you and I can teach each other some things. I look forward to talking to you. God's richest blessings and wisdom be upon you.

Tatiana Montgomery, Tue, Sep 12, 2017, 10:50am

I am a single, unemployed mother whom can not AFFORD to work. I just found myself saying that to my last resource. I received an Associates degree in Medical Billing and Coding (passed the certification on the first try with AAPC), two months after my children (for whom I receive $0 in child support from EITHER father) and I came home in 2010 to find my mother unresponsive; from Sanford Brown College-Hazelwood (I am being told that it will cost me anywhere from $600-$1000 to clear these student loans although "they're as vapor"). Soon after, in a grief stricken haze I completed an Internship with the Grace Hill business off located in Downtown St. Louis. It was also in the Downtown area that I found myself in a shelter in 2011 because I could not maintain employment in Hazelwood with two small children and undiagnosed depression. Although my daughter's hair fell out from ringworms, I thought I was blessed in getting my Section 8 voucher, while in said shelter. On the contrary it was a trap I never saw coming. Anyway, I am contacting your organization with two simple questions. Does this organization have emergency funds for families facing disconnection with Ameren UE? How can I afford to work if I have to sacrifice ALL of my living expense coverage immediately upon employment? HELP PLEASE $250-all donations accepted-1(866)-2683729 Ameren acct. #-2803035219 Stagnant Custodial Parent, Tatiana D. Montgomery 314-2367337

Jane Done, Thu, Aug 31, 2017, 10:14am

 Pastor,We're going downtown and we're going to tear it down....that's exactly what happened in Ferguson.  Is that what you stand for? Rioting?  Because that's what it looked like on the news.  If you're going to stand with protestors I hope you stand in a Christian manner and I pray Jesus is with each of you so that no harm or destruction is done in St Louis like the burning and trashing of buildings that happened in Furgeson.  Causing delays, standing in interstates is not a peaceful way of protesting.  If you've ever been to a third world country you would realize how good every American has it in this country. I pray for the people of St Louis.Jane