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Prayer Request: HELP!!! Prayer Request: HELP!!!


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HELP!!! (Sep 12, 2017)

Prayer Request:
Please PRAY for and HELP! I am a single, unemployed mother whom can not AFFORD to work. I just found myself saying that to my last resource. I received an Associates degree in Medical Billing and Coding (passed the certification on the first try with AAPC), two months after my children (for whom I receive $0 in child support from EITHER father) and I came home in 2010 to find my mother unresponsive; from Sanford Brown College-Hazelwood (I am being told that it will cost me anywhere from $600-$1000 to clear these student loans although "they're as vapor"). Soon after, in a grief stricken haze I completed an Internship with the Grace Hill business off located in Downtown St. Louis. It was also in the Downtown area that I found myself in a shelter in 2011 because I could not maintain employment in Hazelwood with two small children and undiagnosed depression. Although my daughter's hair fell out from ringworms, I thought I was blessed in getting my Section 8 voucher, while in said shelter. On the contrary it was a trap I never saw coming. Anyway, I am contacting your organization with two simple questions. Does this organization have emergency funds for families facing disconnection with Ameren UE? How can I afford to work if I have to sacrifice ALL of my living expense coverage immediately upon employment? HELP PLEASE $250-all donations accepted-1(866)-2683729 Ameren acct. #-2803035219 Stagnant Custodial Parent, Tatiana D. Montgomery 314-2367337